Igawa to AAA

To make room for Matty DeSalvo, the Yanks made a somewhat-surprising move and sent Kei Igawa Kei_igawadown to Scranton. Millions of dollars aside, I think this is a very good baseball decision if the Yanks want him to remain a starter – he can work some kinks out and be back in a few weeks, or can assume a Sean Henn-like role in the bullpen which is an option that many people have floated (and then the Yanks can get rid of Mike Myers! Hoo-rah! More on that in a later post) The decision was also based on Darrell Rasner’s recent performance on Roger Clemens Day 2007 (Sunday) – Rasner has actually pitched pretty good all year in his starts – the only knock was that he didn’t make it deep into some games (and to be honest I think he got yanked pretty quick in some of them). Rasner threw great last year in relief and then some spot starts, and I feel very confident with Raz on the hill. I’m not giving up on Igawa – I just don’t have the confidence in him yet. Maybe some AAA work will do him well…

As I write this: DeSalvo has finished 4 innings, only giving up 3 hits (one a leadoff 2B to Ichiro) and a run. Very low pitch count after 4 I might add – a mere 43 pitches.



  1. John

    luckyleftie, you are correct (see below). I wrote that last night when I first learned of it, and just assumed AAA – but they sent him to Tampa so that he could work with the pitching gurus in Tampa…

    “Citing inconsistency and ineffectiveness over half of his first six Major League appearances, the Yankees optioned the 27-year-old left-hander to Class A Tampa on Monday.”

  2. luckyleftie300@aol.com

    I heard that the Blue Jays did the same thing to Roy Halladay a few years ago, heres to hoping the great things that happend to Halliday happen to Igawa!

  3. Michael

    DeSalvo was fantastic in that game and it’s a real shame that he didn’t get the chance to get his first big league W.
    I hope you’re right about Igawa.

    It’s obvious he has talent and can throw the ball well and has a good change up.

    He needs help with his location and needs to keep the ball down.

    Especially that change up.

    I hope he can get the kinks worked out because I think he can really help us if he does.


  4. John

    That’s funny – I remember back in the day how BAD Halladay was (when Carpenter was a Toronto reject as well)…only good can come out of this, I’ll continue to have faith. We have to remember that Kei is NOT Matzusaka, and it’s not fair to compare the two – that’s like comparing me to Clemens just because we can both throw a fastball (though his 20 mph faster then mine when i have a GOOD day!).

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