5/9 vs. Texas!

10mussinanyyankeesI will be on my way to the game at 3:00pm – gorgeous day! Feeling real good about the team after the past few games/pitching performances – tonight Moose takes the hill – I’m due for a win since I’ve seen 2 straight losses since the Opening Day win (4/6 & 4/27)! 



  1. Coral

    Oh Texas vs Yankees. Always so difficult for me to decide. Do I root for the evil empire, or the division rival… its a moral dilema really… haha. I see you like Donny Baseball, is he your favorite all time yankee?

    Welcome to MLBlogs.


  2. Michael

    You know that I can’t resist posting when Coral adds a comment.
    I’ll be at the Rangers game this Saturday afternoon when the Rangers play the Angels in Texas on FOX.

    It’s Ian Kinsler Double Play Combo Bobblehead day.

    How can I not be there?


  3. John

    Coral – yep, I’m a Donnie Baseball guy – spent my childhood years emulating his swing on the backyard wiffleball field.
    Then I became a pitcher.

    Thanks for the welcoming – hopefully I can gain some interest from others…

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