Nieves Lines a hit to Left…

…and is promptly gunned down at 2nd. Hey, it’s nice to finally have an average, even if it’s .043. Poor guys hasn’t had a Major League hit since 2002!4czx4psc
Went to the game last night – nice win. Abreu was in the 2 slot mainly because Giambi sat and the aforementioned Nieves played as Posada got a day off with a day-game today (Thursday). Jeter, looking as much like a 3-hitter as anyone can, had 3 ribbies to lead the way. Moose was sharp, you could tell quick he was on, even with the hiccup in the 3rd inning.
Mariano came in, he was throwing well even though he got interrupted twice by two numbskulls running onto the field…Mientkiewicz made some sharp plays at 1B, and continued his hitting streak – I’m warming up to him.
Believe it or not, the headline of the night:


Granted, it was a .230-hitting Wilkerson, but hey, we got to start somewhere…

Slightly off-topic question to those who happen to check this: Does anyone know what the song name/artist is for the tune the Stadium plays for Arod when he comes to bat? I’m usually up on all this, but this one eludes me…I’m hoping that someone who attends the games frequently this year may be able to help out…or someone who consistently jams to hip-hop…




    it’s hilarious when Nieves comes back to the dugout; Jeter and Cano are laughing that Nieves finally got a hit and then promptly got out trying to leg out a double

  2. John

    Unfortunately I was sitting in line 1B in the Main Reserved – I would have LOVED to see the reaction in the dugout! I can’t say I’m mad or anything, he was motoring and forced them to make a play – it just turned out to be an easy play for Wilkerson…

  3. Jason

    Mussina was very good last night, especially tough in lefties with a change that moved low and away from them. Jeter is hot as a pistol right now, and his ability to routinely lace line drives on good inside pitches is a very good sign. What a difference it makes to have hitter at the bottom of the lineup on, as well as Damon also, since Jeter has been death on pitchers this year with runners in scoring position. When this team gets Abreu, Cano and Matsui going (all of whom are hitting .258), this team will take off.

    Let’s get that sweep. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jason

    BTW, the dugout scene after Nieves got that single was just hilarious, as level said. I’ve heard recently from Red Sox fans that the Yankees are not a loose bunch, too uptight. That just isn’t true. There was a funny mixture of congratulations for and ribbing of Nieves for his single, out, and probably that sad slide. Very good to see.


    “I would have LOVED to see the reaction in the dugout!”

    you can, John. there’s video footage at the Yankees site; look for Nieves’ hit

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