Can’t win if you don’t score

I’m ignoring the Thursday day-game altogether (my Dad called me Friday morning to say "RasnerGood thing we went Wednesday and not yesterday"). Every team drops a bomb.
Yanks lost last night 3-0 – Giambi was a late scratch. Rasner threw respectively, doing his job. He only gave up 3 runs in 5 IP, and he a mere threw 78 pitches. Not sure exactly why he didn’t go a little longer, especially with the overworked-bullpen situation. This isn’t the first time I think Rasner has been yanked too quick – that game where Arod hit the walk-off against Cleveland he only went 4 innings, and I felt he could’ve gone longer. It’s not like Raz hasn’t been starting games – he’s been a starter for the Yanks/AAA since last summer, so it’s not an endurance thing…maybe Gator sees something unravel in his mechanics, and before Darrell gets into any trouble they pull him…
Tip your cap to Washburn – he threw a gem, as he always seems to do against the Yanks. He’s got that David Wells hex on us (then we got Wells – "If we can’t beat him, sign him"). So I see Washburn becoming a Yankee in a few seasons…


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