Now that the Yankees can pitch…

…How about they start hitting! Unless your name is Derek Jeter, no one is hitting right now. The Yanks are losing these low-scoring games, games that they should be winning when all the pitchers are starting to come around. Pettitte went into the 8th, only giving up 2 runs (yesterday). Fine effort. Take away that 14-2 drubbing and the bullpen has done great for the month of May (even Mike Myers).

JeterJeter Side-note: I want to see Jetes keep it up so that he can win the Batting Title/MVP that he almost had last year (and shut up all those moronic critics in the process).

Rocket re-launch: Rumor is that he’ll start in Tampa on Friday (5/18), and then 5 days later in Trenton (5/23). Residing in the Trenton-metro area, I’ve been attending Thunder games since they formed in ’94 – would LOVE to catch the Rocket there next week – one problem though: I’m leaving for St. Thomas on Saturday for a week…decisions, decisions…. ;>)



  1. Jason

    In fairness to Posada, he has also had a torrid start. But your point is well taken. This team has managed to put it all together for all of about one week, when it got pitching and hitting. It’s just frustrating right now, because you know that Abreu, Cano and Damon are better than they have shown. At least Damon has been hobbled, but Abreu and Cano have looked clueless at the plate. The Yankees, with such a lefty-heavy lineup, can ill afford to have these key bats so cold.

  2. Michael

    I agree with Jason about Posada.
    But I also agree that our offense has been flat.

    In the month of April we had a win percentage of about .428.

    So far in the month of May it’s about .615.

    That’s much better and if we can keep that up the rest of the season than would result in about 96 or 97 wins.

    Depending on what the Red Sox do and depending on how we do against the Red Sox in the rest of the series that we play against them — that could be enough to win the divison.

    To keep up that pace for May we need to win 9 or 10 out of the remaining 15 games.

    If we win 10 out of the last 15 in May then we’d be sitting at 28 and 25 at the end of the month.

    That would be 3 games over .500 and closer to first that we are now.

    That’s what I’m hoping for.

    We keep going up and down by the .500 mark due to our sloppy play in April.

    If we can get a few games over .500 by the end of May and then in June have Clemens and Hughes back in the rotation and maybe play the same kind of ball and get a few more wins — I think we can be in league for the division or at worst for the Wild Card…

  3. John

    Posada has been smoking the ball like he’s pushing 30, not 40 – a pleasure to see.
    I have no doubts that they will start winning – Mike’s got it all played out above…I think having Roger and Hughes in the same rotation is something we only dream about – that will be something!

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